Welcome to Devon Tom and Helen Garland. Our long standing sheep’s milk supplier has moved to Exeter. Tom and Helen made the move to new pastures and we are pleased to be supporting them in their current and new ventures.

How we slice it – Neal’s Yard Dairy

Bronwen Percival is technical manager and cheese buyer for Neal’s Yard Dairy. Ben Harris is head cheesemaker at Ticklemore Cheese Dairy, makers of a fine selection of blue cheeses which Neal’s Yard Dairy has been buying for almost 30 years.
— Read on www.nealsyarddairy.co.uk/blogs/news/how-we-slice-it

Fresh Goat’s Milk

Yesterday I was off looking at a new Goat’s milk supplier. Our current source, Parsonage Farm on the Dartington Estate is ceasing their milk production, so we require a new supply for our Harbourne Blue. I went to look at a small farm in Somerset, that have been milking Goat’s for over 20 years.

Look at these happy-looking Goat’s that are a mix of Toggenburg, Saanen and Alpine.
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