Harbourne Blue

made from Goats’ milk from John Perkin at Parsonage Farm Dartington, Totnes

We have been sourcing our milk from John Perkin at Parsonage Farm since 2017, after our long standing farmers on Dartmoor retired.

The goats are not farmed organically, but the farm is fairly low input. They are fed ad-lib red clover hay, that is supplemented by protein cake in the parlour.

We really like working with Parsonage Farm, as the milk has a wonderful light and oaty taste. The farm is also very close to where our Dairy is based, which is a huge benefit on our time and the environment.

Harbourne is the cheese we make least of. It is quite variable in taste and texture depending on the season it is made in. Young cheeses are light and delicate with a crumbly texture. Older cheeses are often stronger (or very strong).

Harbourne was first produced in the mid 1980’s by Robin Congdon. If you would like to read more about this, please head to our About Us page.

Harbourne Blue won a silver award at the 2019 Artisan Cheese Awards

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