Beenleigh Blue

made from ewes’ milk sourced from Tom and Helen Garland

Tom and Helen Garland began milking sheep in 2011 after taking the brave step to take on their own farm in Langport, Somerset . We are very fortunate that, as of April 2021 Tom and Helen took a big leap and moved to Exeter to be closer to us and to begin milking a small herd of cows alongside their flock of sheep.

The sheep graze by day (weather permitting) and whenever possible, have fresh grass in the barns at night. Their diet is also supplemented with a mixed ration of haylage, maize, beans, oats and sugar beet in the parlour.

We have had a very close relationship with Tom and Helen since 2011, when our previous supplier retired. We have found that since using their milk to make Beenleigh, the cheese has taken on some fantastic new flavours and characteristics. Previously, Beenleigh used to vary considerably over the season, but now seems to be far more consistent. The fresh, lemony sweetness of the cheese makes Beenleigh the key talking point of any respectable cheese board.

Beenleigh is our longest standing cheese, being first produced in 1978 by Robin Congdon. If you would like to read more about this, please head to our About Us page

Beenleigh Blue won a Gold award in the Sheep category and a silver award in the Blue category at 2019 Artisan Cheese Awards

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